Kelly Hignett runs a great blog and twitter feed @thevieweast, and here’s something that I wrote recently on the Russian elections and the post-Soviet era.



The View East


All eyes are currently on Russia, with the 2012 Presidential elections due to take place in early March and former President (and current Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin’s controversial decision to seek re-election for a third term sparking a series of public protests and demonstrations (both pro- and anti-Putin). In this article, guest author Josh Black looks back at the turbulent experiences of post-Soviet Russia to argue that the Russian debt default of 1998 should be viewed as a crucial turning point in contemporary Russian history, marking the failure of the economic liberalism associated with the Yelstin era and the birth of a new brand of ‘Putinomics’. You can read more of Josh’s work at his fantastic blog Out of the Black.


Default and Design – Economic Crisis & Political Consolidation in Putin’s Russia.


By Josh Black.


“Monday, August 17, 1998, is now etched in the…

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